Monday, 2 June 2014

Dating coach shows how to get the woman you want

If you came here looking to find a Dating expert for men, then it is obvious that you are looking for assistance from someone who has been there, done that. Someone who has cracked the Dating code using a set of rules which shows how to attract women which you were somehow never able to understand. That’s not a bad idea – everyone seeks professional expertise in some area of their life or another. Let’s start with the basics, starting with your previous dates. 

Did you turn up untidy or unclean? A lot of men think it’s stylish, but how would you feel if the girl turns up looking all scruffy or unkept? It is not necessary to look like a model, but make sure you put on deodorant & clean clothes, have clean nails & fresh breath. Some men take this to the opposite extreme and assume that looks is all that it takes. But this is far from the truth and there are qualities women appreciate a lot more in a man. 

 watch below for tips on dating

dating coach kezia noble will show you how its done, either get the validated certificate and start teaching others or just bag that hottie by taking the best advice from this and asking the queen of the dating coach Kezia

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